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Home Meets--What To Expect

Swim meets are a fun and enriching experience for all.  The #1 Rule on the ORCAS' Swim Team is that everyone has fun!

Swimming is both an individual and team sport.  One way to build team identification and esprit-de-corps is by wearing the team suit [white on black Speedo or jammer (boys), one-piece (girls)] and the team swim cap at swim meets. 

The typical meet offers four strokes for swimmers (free, back, breast and butterfly), the individual medley (IM), and both free and medley relays.  Swimmers are limited to three individual and two relay events per meet, which are chosen by the coaches.  EFSL also has optional events (i.e.: long distance) that may be added to the end of the meet. Points are scored, and ribbons awarded, for the overall team winner and for individual swimmer awards, based on the finishing place of each swimmer.

Parents should sign-up their swimmers for meets no later than the Tuesday prior to the meet.  This allows coaches time to finalize the event participation and submit names to the head statistician and/or other teams. 

The pool deck areas can become very crowded and noisy during a swim meet. Most pools are very warm, so even if it is cold outside swimmers and parents should bring shorts and a lightweight top to wear in the pool area.  Be sure to bring pool shoes you wear only while in the pool area.

You can expect to be at the pool from about 0800 - 1600 during a home swim meet that includes all relays and long distance events as well.  For meets that don't include long distance events, the day will normally be from 0800 to 1500.  This time is including a lunch break.  Concessions are set up at each meet to provide food and beverages for swimmers and their families, allowing a fund-raising opportunity for the host club.  At home meets, all Orcas Parents who have signed up to attend the meet are required to provide a dish for concessions (sign up for dishes can be done 1 week prior to the meet at the pool) or pay 10 Euros.  We would much rather have the dish than the 10 Euros.  It takes approximately 37 people to run an average swim meet, thus it is important that parents volunteer at meets, including the set-up and tear down of facilities.  All volunteer activities performed at home meets and away meets count toward your 40 hour requirement (click here for additional volunteer opportunities).  Make sure you submit your volunteer hours using the volunteer submission form located here (you must be logged in to view and fill in this form).

For further details please contact the meet director.