Volunteer Agreement




Our swim team's success depends entirely on the families who volunteer their time and talents to the team.  We strive to be an efficient and cohesive team; therefore, our goal is for every family to volunteer in some way.  Our volunteer program continues to be updated and refined and any suggestions for improvements may be sent to the Volunteer Coordinator or the President.

Each family is required to contribute a minimum of 40 volunteer hours throughout the Fall swim season and no volunteer hours required for the Spring Season.  Generally, one hour of volunteer time will count as one hour toward your family's requirement, but in some instances that ratio may vary.  Your swimmer and siblings may also contribute toward the family's requirement.  All requests, suggestions or questions regarding the authorization of volunteer hours must be made to the Volunteer Coordinator or a Board member.

A 200 Euro Volunteer Deposit is required to be paid to the Treasurer at the beginning of the Fall season.  No deposit is required for the Spring season. This deposit will be paid along with regular registration fees.  The deposit will be refunded when the required 40 hours are completed either before Christmas or the end of the season.  Volunteer hours must be completed by the end of the season.  Hours not completed will be deducted from the deposit refund at a rate of 5 Euro per hour not completed (Fall season only).

The following is a list of areas in which volunteer hours may be earned.

Practice support: T 30 timing

Administrative Support:

-Participating on special committees established by the swim team board.

-Serving on the swim team board.  Positions are: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Meet Coordinator (Elections for the next year are held in May or June.)

Home Meet Support:  Home meets are very labor intensive and need many volunteers to ensure a successful meet.  Your support is critical during home meets.  Exceptions will be reviewed by the board and settled on a case by case basis.

Meet Set Up

During Meet - Timers, Head Timer (training required*), Judges (training required*), Marshallers, Runners, Starters.

            *All training is provided by the team.

Meet Tear Down

Away Meet: There is a requirement for all visiting teams to supply stroke and turn judges and timers


- All Fundraisers-Any parent can suggest and run a fundraiser.  Approach the Treasure with your suggestion (Some examples are: Basket Affair, Bake Sales, Dances)

-     Writing Fundraising Letters

-     Awards Show Banquet coordinator and committee

-     Team parties

-     Champs coordinator

-     Equipment manager

-     Webmaster

-     Photographer:  provide AIS yearbook groups input for Orcas

-     Bus Coordinator

-     Volunteer Coordinator

-     Publicity

-     Spirit Support

-     Discuss your own ideas with a Board member

Volunteer hours should be submitted to the Volunteer Coordinator via the online form located on the Orcas website.  To find the form, go to http://gkorcas.org and sign in (you must be signed in to access the volunteer hours submission form.  If you need a username and password, please contact our webmaster at webmaster(at)gkorcas(dot)org and a username and password will be provided).  Click on the Team menu and select Volunteer Coordinator from the choices.  This will take you to the form.  Follow the directions on the form itself for submitting your hours.

We look forward to an exciting swim season and your contributed effort is deeply appreciated.  Thank you for donating your time and energy to support your children's swim team!