Financial Agreement


I/We understand and agree to meet the following obligations associated with the participation of my/our child(ren) on the Geilenkirchen Orcas International Swim Team.  All financial obligations are required to be met by the end of the two week trial period.  These fees support the Geilenkirchen Orcas International Swim Team.  They contribute to the Orcas budget, which must support all operating expenses - administrative needs, coaches' salary & travel, meet & practice pool rentals, supplies, etc.  Required financial obligations are out lined below.

A.  Orcas Swim Team dues for the 2015/16 Fall Competitive Season: 225 euro per swimmer.

A 200 Euro volunteer deposit is required and will be returned after the required 40 hours of volunteer time has been accomplished.  Each hour is the equivalent of 5 Euros.  If all volunteer hours are not completed by the end of the normal season, the amount for completed hours will be refunded and the remaining will be retained by the Orcas International Swim Team.


  1. For OR 6, or civilian equivalent, and below - 30% off of registration fee.
  2. Family Discount - 25 Euros off for each additional swimmer in a multiple swimmer family.
  3. Early Payment Discount - If payment is made within the first three  weeks of registration (two weeks tryout period and one week grace period), the registration fee will be discounted from 225 Euros to 200 Euros.


    1. Payment of the Registration Fee is due at the end of the two week trial period.  Pay full amount and submit to the Treasurer ( or transfer funds directly to the team bank account - see below.
    2. Other options - if extenuating circumstances exist, contact the Treasurer for payment arrangements.

B.  Orcas Swim team dues for the Spring Season is 125 Euros per swimmer. 

The season start date is still to be determined and will be posted on this page at a later time.  Spring Season dues are due within 2 weeks of the season start.  There are no discounts for the Spring season and no volunteer hour commitment. 

Bank Transfer Information


      Acct:  02.883.582.00

      IBAN:  DE48 3908 0005 0288 3582 00

      SWIFT-BIC:  DRES DE FF 390

      BANK CODE:  390 800 05

a.   Late fees:

          i.     A late fee of 15 Euro will be incurred on all late payments after 30 days following the date of registration.

          ii.     If payments are more than 35 days late from the date of registration, the swimmer will not be allowed in the water until the fees have been settled. 

b.   Refunds:

We regret that we are not able to issue a refund to swimmers who do not remain active during the entire season for reasons other than a military/civilian PCS move.  The parent(s) must understand that the full amount is still an obligation to the team if they choose to leave prior to the end of the season.

Purchase of "team uniform"

This includes the team bathing suit and cap (males and females).  One swim cap and team t-shirt will be provided upon payment of registration fees. Colors are white on black (For Fall Season ONLY).