2015/16 Registration Form

The registration fee for the Fall Season is 225 Euros per swimmer.  There is also a 200 Euro per family volunteer deposit that will be refunded to you upon completion of your mandatory 40 hours volunteer time.  

Below is the Orcas 2015/16 Fall season registration form.  Please download the electronic fillable form, fill it in on your computer and email it to the secretary at secretary@gkorcas.org.  Upon arrival at your first practice, a printed copy of your form will be available for you to sign.  HAND WRITTEN FORMS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!  You may send in your completed registration forms anytime between 1 July and 11 August 2015.  Please note that a swimmer may not enter the water until a signed registration form has been handed in to the secretary.  This is required for insurance purposes.  There is no obligation for the first 2 weeks from the time the registration form is turned in. Fall Season begins on 25 August 2015 through 7 February 2016 (Divisional Championships).  Individual Championships will be 27-28 February 2016 in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Click here to download the 2015/16 Registration form.

Ensure that you read the Parent Contract, Financial agreement, and Volunteer Agreement and sign and date in the appropriate location on the registration form.

(all files are .doc or .pdf)

Medical Authorization

Please read the following Medical Authorization Statement and sign and date where indicated on the downloaded registration form:


By enrolling my son/daughter to participate in sporting activities with the Orcas International Swim Team, I authorize the ORCAS representatives (including paid/volunteer coaching staff) to take the child/children listed in the registration form to receive any medical, dental, treatment and/or hospital care necessary in the event of a medical emergency.  I will be responsible for payment of any costs, fees, etc. that are incurred in order to see and administer such care.  Further, I release all ORCAS personnel (including NATO/National military, government civilian, contractor, paid/volunteer coaching staff, etc.) from any and all liability, claims or complaints originated from injuries of accidents suffered by my child during this program.  I will also be responsible for all damages that my child may cause to NATO or private poperty, by accident or willful misconduct, while participating in the aforesaid program.