Can't Login or Need Login Credentials?

If you are a member of the Orcas Swim Team and can't login or don't have a username or password, please contact the webmaster at webmaster(at)gkorcas(dot)org.

Some website content is for members only, so login credentials are essential for Orcas members.

Please provide your name and email address (if different from the one used to contact the webmaster).

General Website Layout


The general layout of the Orcas website is quite simple.  Clicking on any main menu item will open a page with general information concerning the subject matter of that menu.  If a main menu has submenus, just placing your mouse over the menu (without clicking) will display the submenus.  Move your mouse to a submenu and click to display the menu contents.


Some menu items require the user to be logged in to view the contents.  It is recommended that you always log in to the website.  That way you do not miss any important information.


Important member information will usually be announced on the News Bar on the left side of the webpage.  If there is too much information to fit into the limited space for news, then a link will usually be provided to the location of the full information.  In order to get to the link you must click on the news item which will take you to the News page and there the link will be available.

Menu Tree

  1. Start Page -- Orca Poster and season information.  Click anywhere on the background picture to come back to this page.
  2. Team -- General team information.
    1. Orcas Gear -- Here you can view photos of all available team gear that may be ordered as well as download the order form.
    2. Photos -- Current an previous photos or links to photos of our swim meets, champs, and miscellaneous.
    3. President's Corner (requires log in) -- President's duties and announcements.
    4. Vice President's Corner (requires log in) -- Vice President's duties and announcements
    5. Secretary's Corner (requires log in) -- Secretary's duties and announcements.
    6. Treasurer's Corner (requires log in) -- Treasurer's duties and announcements.
    7. Meet Director's Corner (requires log in) -- Meet Director's duties and announcements.
    8. Volunteer Coordinator (requires log in) -- Volunteer hours submission form.
      1. Volunteer Opportunities (requires log in)
    9. Coaches' Corner (requires log in) -- Orcas qualifier list for both short distance and long distance.
    10. Team Captains' Corner (requires log in) -- Announcements by the Team Captains
    11. Add an ad (requires log in) -- Place an ad to other Orcas members (for sale, lost, found, etc.)
    12. Edit your ads (requires log in) -- update, delete or modify your ads.
    13. Browse the ads
  3. News -- Shows all the current news items
  4. Calendar -- Shows names, dates and times of scheduled events.
  5. Meets -- Download the current meet schedule and read about general meet information.
    1. Current Meet Info -- Provides information on the next scheduled meet.
    2. Meet Results -- Displays the results of all meets during the current season and provides a link to download individual meet results.
  6. Practice -- Provides general information on the current season's practice schedule.
  7. Downloads -- Provides information on the current season registration procedures, links to download all required registration forms, and current season fees.  By clicking directly on "Downloads" you will be taken to a location to download general interest items like the Orcas Handbook.  Login is required to view and download some documents such as meeting minutes and presentations.
    1. Registration and Downloads -- Provides the registration forms for the current season as well as links to items that must be read and agreed to when registering.
    2. Financial Agreement -- Parent financial agreement and payment information.
    3. Parent Contract -- Code of conduct for swimmers and parents.
    4. Volunteer Agreement -- Parent's obligation agreement for volunteering during the swim season.
  8. EFSL -- Provides a link to the EFSL Website, EFSL individual standings and records, and EFSL team locations and websites.
  9. Contact -- Provides Orcas contact information, bank information, and an email contact form.
  10. Help -- This page.  Provides general help and site map.